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Two Years After Covid

The most common vitamin deficiency worldwide is vitamin D. Of note people with Vitamin D deficiency covid death rate were 25.6 percent higher when compared to 2.3 percent of those with adequate Vitamin D level in their system.

A study published in Webmed proved that low levels of this vitamin also put one at risk for other infections and severe cases of illness. Vitamin D is a super immune system booster that is good with combating pathogens that attack the respiratory system and other organ systems. The results of the above-mentioned study showed that patients with deficiency in Vitamin D were 14 times more likely to contract the Covid 19 infection.

People who looked, seemed and thought that they were healthy were literally standing on the brink of a health disaster and or death due to their unknown deficiency. Countless people lost their lives and countless more are still suffering with the Long-Haul disease syndrome of Covid 19. Many are dealing with memory loss (foggy brain), nerve problems, fatigue, increased case of shingles breakout, chronic cough, shortness of breath, and the list goes on.

Before Covid-19 it was known that Vitamin D Deficiency could lead to many diseases’ severity such as Cardiovascular Disease, Fatigue, Depressive symptoms, lower back pain, poor wound healing, Diabetes disease and Cancer, seeing that Vit D is one of the biggest Antioxidants. Low level Vit D leads to Brittle bone, poor sleep quality, muscular pain, risk for obesity and anxiety etc.

We may have known this information, but the problem is we don’t consistently take it as part of our daily health regime. The other concern is adequate sun exposure and food intake rich with Vit. D should be able to sustain high levels in the blood but again the problem is we don’t practice that. Also, we mostly sit indoors and in offices with air conditioning under bulbs for light and not much outdoor activities. Vit D is the sunshine vitamin that the body makes from cholesterol when the skin is exposed to sunlight.

Out of the Ash

It was out of the ashes of this Covid Disease devastation that I started looking at the role of Vitamins D along with other Vitamins and micronutrients. Dr. J. Myers developed the known “Myer’s Cocktail” which consists of the following. Calcium, Magnesium, B-Complex (B5, B6, B12, B1, B7, B3, Vitamin C, Amino Acids, Mineral Blend and Glutathione. He found out that these Vitamins and minerals when mixed in the right blend, though not promised as a disease cure agent, did help a host of illnesses. These mixtures act as Immune System Super boosters and when infused, help diseases such Asthma, Allergy, Cold/Flu, Anxiety, Depression, Dehydration, Migraine, Fatigue and a host of other illnesses.


Our company VitaMineral IV Therapy Inc. was born out of the knowledge about the higher rate of Covid deaths in people that had low level Vitamin D. Upon realizing that, we decided to study vitamin D and other vitamins and minerals deficiency. We especially look at the compounds in Dr. Myers Cocktail. We are now poise in the community, armed with knowledge and information that will help to offer tailored blends of IV vitamins, minerals and injections in various blends to help combat some common illnesses listed above. After seeing how Covid ravages and deplete some people's immune system and the carnage of death that it causes, especially in the black and brown community; this is our new area of focus, that of preventative care, lifestyle changes and wellness. This will give people the opportunity to make informed decisions about their health and wellbeing and to help them detox and rebuild their immune system.

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