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Feel confident in
your own skin
our non-surgical 
body sculpting

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Body Contouring

These procedures

reduce or remove stubborn pockets of fat to contour and shape different areas

of the body.


Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite is caused by a buildup of fat underneath the skin. 



& Sculpting

Slim down without surgery. Body sculpting reduces the appearance of fat on targeted areas of the body. 

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Buttock Plumping

& Lifting

Enhances the curve and shape of your buttocks without surgery.

Price package per target area (5 sessions)
Velashape 20 minutes Treatment
2 Combined Areas)
  • Arms - $390

Triceps & Biceps

  • Torso - $450 for any 2 combine areas

Abs, Love handle, and  back fat. 

  • Buttocks Plumping & Lifting - $425

Vacuum therapy, Vacuum cups/ Cavitation, and Elm-sculpting

  • Arms & Neck - $99

1 Session

  • Large Areas - $120 

1 Session (Abs, Flanks, Buttocks, Thigh, and Outer buttock)

  • Large Areas - $420 

4 Sessions (Abs, Flanks, Buttocks, Thigh, and Outer buttock)

  • Large Areas - $590    

6 Sessions (Abs, Flanks, Buttocks, Thigh, and Outer buttock)

  • Large Areas - $750

8 Sessions (Abs, Flanks, Buttocks, Thigh, and Outer buttock)

10-12 Sessions speak with representative for affordable pricing

Although price per area listed includes any one or more of upper arms, buttocks, upper rear thighs, and upper front thighs. An accurate fee can only be truly established through a free, private consultation with possible added discount by combining other treatments. This can be done during the assessment time of your cellulite reduction and/or body reshaping needs to determine the extent of treatments necessary.

What are the benefits of 
Body Sculpting?

  • Pain-free, Non-surgical & Non-invasive

This is due to our EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulation), which helps to treat all the concerned areas of women and men.

  • Lose Fat and Gain Muscle Simultaneously

Achieve this in 6 areas; Abdomen, Buttocks, Thighs, Calves, Biceps, and Triceps.  

  • Supramaximal Magnetic Energy

 The high intensity magnetic energy covers big skeletal muscles of the human body. The high level energy allows the muscle to respond with a deep remodeling of its inner structure. The body’s response to these contractions is used to strengthen its muscle fibers, resulting in improved muscle gain and fat loss.

  • Stronger Stimulation

Generates deeper and stronger high intensity electromagnetic effects through the skin which target fat layers and the muscle layers, inducing powerful involuntary muscle contractions. After treatments, the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, calves, biceps and triceps are firmer and have a more defined and toned appearance.

  • High Efficacy

One 30-45 minutes session equals 30000 sit-ups, this allows you to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time by using just one machine. 

How does it work?

We use

Innovative Equipment

for our aesthetics services

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The author assumes no responsibility or liability for any error or omission in the
on this site.
Results are based upon the individual adherence to instructions, lifestyle habits such as sleep,
hydration, consumption of alcohol, recreational drugs and diet. 

  • How quickly will I return to normal after each session?
    Clients usually return to normal activity immediately Each client's experience and results depend on individual factors and individual lifestyle, diet and activity level so results will differ from person to person and are not guaranteed.
  • How many sessions should I do?
    It is recommended repeating the procedure four to six times initially, and later the patient can come back for touch-ups if necessary. Most areas can be done 2 days apart.
  • Why the Velashape Body Contouring Machine?
    Was founded in 2000 in Massachusetts, USA and is an FDA-approved procedure. VelaShape treatments have been around for so long, it would be safe to assume that their products are dependable. It is a practical, non-surgical, and non-invasive body contouring machine that uses radiofrequency to get rid of fat. Described as feeling like a warm massage that targets Cellulite under the skin in hard-to-reach places where diet and exercise don’t seem to work. It is also used for Facial Wrinkles, Post Baby Bodies/Postpartum, Hair, Tattoo etc.
  • How does the Velashape Body Contouring Machine work?
    VelaShape has also been used to correct liposuction or plastic surgery. This is a handheld machine that uses intense infrared rays to work on the fat just below the skin’s surface. Although it uses rays, it also has a suction effect and uses radiofrequency energy as well, according to the International Journal of Women’s Dermatology. ​ These treatments are applied directly to the skin for the area undergoing treatment. The tissue and fat below the skin sort of melt away and the offending cells are broken up and later flushed out of the body, leaving you with well-toned and smooth-looking outer skin. Velashape is designed to help with cellulite and skin-tightening and fat burning; this is not for weight reduction.
  • What are the top benefits?
    Convenient Almost painless and is non-invasive Enjoyable like a warm massage Effective with changes noticed within a month Improves blood circulation
  • How quickly will I start feeling the effects?
    Users typically start seeing results after 3 sessions, or within 4-6 weeks. Long term results can only be achieved through a series of six (6) or more weekly sessions and we have best prices in New York City. However, a specific number of treatments are based upon the individual’s needs and areas being treated.
  • How long does a session last?
    Depending on which body part you are getting treated, a VelaShape session can last 20-45 minutes long.

Frequently Asked Questions

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