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Mindful Moments to Enhance Your Day

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Starting the day off right is one of the best ways to ensure that you get the most out of the

day and optimize self without stress. I know we all have routines and some morning

routines are chaotic and that may be how we best function. What if you could make the

most out of each day less stressful by mindful pacing how you start your day off in a mindful

way?. Well here it is. Mindful mornings are a great way to start your day off on a positive

note. This mindfulness helps you live in the present moment and appreciate all that exists

around you.

To Begin

Plan to start your day off from the night before. Choose one or two outfits and have them ready and laid out, also pack your bag with all the necessary items that you will need for the day. In the morning when you are awake, be thankful and spend some time appreciating the new day. This may be enhanced with morning devotion and music. Your smart phone or Alexa may be programmed with your playlist to play calming or upbeat music depending on your choice.

In this mindful moment routine you should try to put in a few minutes of exercise beginning with deep breathing and stretching. Inspire yourself with positive thoughts and some self-motivation.

“Today is going to be a good day”

“I am enough”

“I am loved”

“Fear don’t own me”

This will boost your energy and make you feel calmer and more centered throughout the day. You will be more motivated and positive. Your mind will be poised for positive thinking and creativity throughout the day.

I was told to start off a successful day you should always make your bed because it is counted as one thing that you have already accomplished on a new day, and it does inspire you to accomplish more for that day. Nourish your body by making your first meal from mostly organic items. That may look like fruits, healthier hot/cold foods or cereal choices. Pack snacks that are nutritious and healthy to take with you so that you may nourish your craving in a healthy way.

This mindfulness routine doesn’t have to be complicated or require too much extra time, try starting small with one thing at a time. Your goal for a mindful morning is to begin to enjoy the day when your day begins, so don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to fit everything in right away. Just pick one aspect of your daily routine and see how it goes then slowly build from there. Try to add another small thing to your routine to make it more meaningful.


Some research shows that regular practice of mindfulness increases memory, focus and concentration so be fully aware of where you are right now. That will allow you to make decisions based on reality rather than emotion and also allows you to act from a place of wisdom rather than fear.

Improve your day to day life slowly, day after day, by doing it every day. Every day may be different so take it day by day and minute by minute and stay present in each moment. These steps can be extremely powerful if practiced every day. The real goal is to learn to take care of yourself and carve out a little bit of time every morning to do things that make you a happier and healthier person.

  1. Ensure enough sleep

  2. Wake up early

  3. Set realistic goals

  4. Stop meaningless activities.

  5. Spend time thinking through your thoughts and activities

  6. Enjoy moments of silence

  7. Make efforts to be kind daily

  8. Give compliments

  9. Encourage other

  10. Be grateful for even the small things

  11. Be kind

  12. Smile more

Above all things be at peace with yourself, happy where you are and grateful to be alive.

Here at VitaMineral IV Drip and MedSpa we wish you always a healthier, happier, more mindful you.

(516) 233-1020

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