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Is Ageing Related to Forgetfulness?

Do you find yourself forgetting littler things day to day or items when you run

errands? The tendency is to think you are experiencing early signs of Alzheimer’s

or Dementia or age related forgetfulness. Added to that we now have what is

called Covid Brain.

Living to an older age does not automatically lead to memory problems. Working in the health industries I see older patients day after day who are as sharp as tack. My patient on my shift last night was 87 years old. She lives alone, cares for herself and knows all her medical history and medications. It would be scary and depressing for me to think that we all automatically will experience diminished hearing, sight and memory after a certain age.

Society tells us to accept this getting older but studies show otherwise. Yes at around age 40 the mature mind begins to function differently, relying on the existing neural connectors rather than growing new ones. However, there are persons called super agers who are sharp and immune to this slowing down of brain processes

Our brain has more memory capacity than a computer and the truth is we hardly use most of the memory space. Our daily actions consist mostly of patterns of behaviors, repetitive, “Rinse and repeat” Eat sleep, wake, work, home and recycle. The truth is the dull mundane and under use of any muscle leads to loss. Have you ever heard “if you don’t use it you lose it”

We are encouraged to learn new things, practice new skills, learn new languages, and do more brain exercise to flex and strengthen our brain muscle. Loss of sleep, lack of rest, burdensome worries, anxiety, poor appetite, alcohol, smoking and other types of stress takes a toll on our brain.

First we should look to address these areas so that we may enjoy mature age and have optimal health. Meaningful quiet time, vacation, rest, nutritional healthy food, music, socialization, good communication with engaging conversation can serve a lot to benefit the brain power. Persons in relationships that lack love, lack a sense of belonging, lack mental stimulation and intimacy tends to lead to withdrawal, depression and shutting down of the brain.

Here at VitaMineral IV Therapy and VitaSpa we are interested in you and your optimal brain function and well-being. We suggest you start looking out for the BRAIN. If you find yourself being forgetful don’t sit back and accept it as age related. Try some NAD+ which is a coenzyme that supports nearly every system of the body. It serves to regulate your metabolism and protect your DNA from wear and tear by activating healthy hormones and genes that will improve cognitive function, concentration, help with brain fog and increase energy levels.

We offer “Brainstorm” which is formulated for brain cognition, improvement of memory and certain aspects of learning. Formula blend includes Folic Acid, B12, L-Taurine and Alpha-Lipoic acid. In your free consultation session we discuss diet, nutrition, social history, healthy lifestyle and your medical history.

Wish you above all things that you age gracefully with optimal brain health.

Call 516-233 1020 for a free consultation or book an appointment at

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