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2023 and Me

At times we feel guilty about investing time and things in, and for ourselves. But this year is the year to focus on “Me”. More for me in 2023 is my slogan. Join me in this journey to begin to invest in me. Some of us have spent so much time caring for others that we often feel drained, exhausted and tired when it comes time to care for ourselves.

This “2023 and me” journey is not so much about buying more toys, clothes, shoes or trinkets for oneself. It’s more about caring more intentionally about “You”, your health, mental and physical well-being and being more in-tune with your body, soul and mind so that you can appreciate the best version of you at all times.

Give yourself permission to do it this year. No more putting you last and on the back burner. It is ok to say no so that you have more time for yourselves. In my younger years upon returning from work every evening I would spend a few minutes to ensure that my children were ok then I would spend the first hour after getting home caring for me. Nice shower, 20 minutes nap or just laying down on my bed with the door closed. I would instruct my daughter to alert me only if there is an emergency such as fire or if she had an urgent need. Once I care for myself that first hour after getting home, then and only then would I interact with others in the home and start doing the things that were necessary around the home.


I practice a “do not disturb” time period during eating, sleeping, worshiping and other intimate moments. There is no phone conversation and no one should be on the phone at the dining table. During my childhood this was the time to have an intimate moment with the family. Checking to see how everyone’s day went and sharing experiences and ideas. My bedroom is void of a television or radio. There is no outside stimulus. That is the place of peace, quiet, rest and reset. The first and last person that I speak with on waking up and before going to bed is God.


Vacation should be a must at least 2 times per year plus weekend get-away. This is time away from the daily worry and care. This is necessary to reset your mental space. It has been shown that spending time in nature, walking along water, being in water or near water such as at the beach, gives a very calming effect to the brain and body. People will book a vacation miles away and fly to other countries just to lounge in chairs by the beach and never go in the water.

This may be the year to start a class, learn a new instrument, start cooking, start reading again, learning to spend quiet time with just you and rediscovering how special you are. Many of us have lost ourselves in other people that we are in relationship with. Always catering to them and their needs but what about your needs? If you are not being catered to, then begin to cater to you.


Practice doing these and always with a smile, you will be glad you did

  • Not Now, No

  • I will get back to you,

  • I don’t think so, I am not comfortable doing that

  • I will not be available, I am otherwise engaged

  • I will let you know, Let me think about it


Let people know your value and your worth, and that you are not just sitting around waiting to respond to their beck and calls. You and your time are important. Your boss, your child, your spouse, your friends and family members can wait. Of course you know what urgent and emergent looks like, so you will respond to those appropriately but outside of that, things and people can wait. This will be hard at first but practice makes everything perfect. In the end they will come to respect you and your time and see the value of the new and improve “You and Me in 2023”.

At VitaMineral IV Drip and Wellness Center we care about the holistic you. If ever you need a safe place to put your feet up and be pampered with one of our many instantly body nourishing Vitamin drips, a Body Massage, Facial or any of our other treatments call and let us know. Please watch for upcoming discounts and special offers. (516) 233-1020.

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