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Your Body: Top Priority for 2022

As the new year unfolds, we are faced with new challenges that will push us into setting new goals.

You may ask yourself what goals you should you set after 2 years of Covid that has left some of us with a lot of uncertainty. I humbly suggest that your main goal should be your health.

We have the tendency to put ourselves last as we are busy, sowing, planting and gathering in many areas of our lives with little time left to do real self-care. This year make your body your priority daily because your health is your wealth.

A person of monetary wealth on his/her sick bed would give any amount of money to

buy health sometimes only after sickness and poor heath takes a toll on their body. A small thing such as daily Vitamin D intake would have saved a lot of lives if some persons were taking it daily.

Studies showed that many of the seriously ill and those who succumb/die from Covid were found to have low vitamin D level.

Ten symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency are;

1. More frequent illness

2. Exhaustion and fatigue

3. Depression

4. High blood pressure

5. Weakened bones and bone pain

6.Fertility problem

7. Muscle weakness and pain

8. Anxiety

9. Poor healing of cuts and wounds

10 Excessive sweating particularly from your head.

I worked in the Covid Unit in the height of Covid at the very beginning of this devastating pandemic and once I saw what was happening, I increased my Vitamin D3 to 6000 IU daily (3x 2000 tablets). I also took high absorbency Zinc, NAC, and High dose of Vitamin C as part of my daily regime.

Facial steaming over a large basin of onions, garlic, orange peel and ginger was an every morning and evening routine for me and guess what I never got Covid.

In November I went to Puerto Plata for a week of fun in the sun with my family and decided that I was not taking my pills with me. Upon returning to the US I didn’t take them either for about 4 weeks.

Surprise, surprise on Christmas night I felt a scratchy in my throat that developed into a dry cough within 24 hours. I had no fever, chills or body ache but after 48 hours I decided to take the Covid test just because and to my amazement the test was positive. Shocked, of course yes.

My doctor reviewed my recent blood-work and informed me that my Vitamin D level had dropped down from 80 to 30 and I had to confess to her that I had stopped taking them for about a month. I had taken a Vitamin Drip to boost my Immune system two weeks before finding out that I had Covid and so my case was mild thanks to my past vitamin D intake and my vaccination and booster status.

My Goal is to keep on my daily health regime, get adequate rest, exercise and eat heathy because your gut feeds all your organs/systems. I would encourage you to do the same and make your health your main goal for 2022 because your health is your wealth.

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