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Juice Fast & Detox for Weight Loss and Energy Boosting

As we head into the holiday season with a lot of planned festivities and family get together some of our routine diet plans will be relaxed so that we may enjoy our time with friends and family. This would be a good time to do a simple gut cleansing and detox to reset our metabolism and give you a good energy boost. Most of these items are already available in your kitchen or may be sourced at the local food and fruit stores.

Juice the following vegetables:

6 med size carrots

2 med beets

2 med bell peppers

2 cucumbers

2 stalks celery

1/4 lb string beans

1 bundle spinach

Add unfiltered, unsweetened apple juice or make your own apple juice. Then add it to the vegetable juice to make up to 4 quarts of vegetable and apple juice. If you think that this much apple juice will make the mixture too sweet, you can add water instead.

Drink 8 ounces every 30 - 45 minutes until all of the juice is consumed by the end of the day. Do this for 3 consecutive days.

The Benefits

This mixture will yield an excellent source of biological pure water that comes from the vegetables and apple juice. Here is a good source of antioxidants that will play a fundamental role in the metabolic process of the body to prevent diseases and even boost your mood and energy. Thanks to the combination of these ingredients they will facilitate the elimination of waste and impurities of the blood acting as detoxification of the system. A follow up of this 3 day juice fast should also be done again after the holiday season to cleanse and reset the system after all the holiday festivities, food, friend and family fellowship.

VitaMineral IV and Spa New Services

We heard your ask so we are rolling out our weight loss products starting January 2023. There will be several different options to fit your individual needs.

We will be offering Information about intermittent fasting and giving dietary counseling plus making available items such as weekly shot to burn fat and boost energy

-Glutathione/B12 Shots,

-LipoPlus with B12,

-MIC & B12 Shots

-Lipo-Trim Spray

Our Skinny Drip blend will also be available (Amino Blend, MIC, Carnitine, B12, + Glutathione).

Visit our website or call (516) 233-1020

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