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Health Investment is Wealth Investment

From the time we are born society has a plan for how we should grow up and function. There are ideal measures that one has to meet to determine if they are within the normal ideal growth chart or otherwise on some other spectrum. There are development targets that we have to meet within those limits such as, at what month we sit up, crawl, say our first words or walk. Those health milestones determine our development achievements.

We move up the ladder of growth, education and developmental stages based upon established core principles. Eventually we are left to independently figure things out and fend for ourselves, otherwise known as adulthood. A lot of time we get so caught up with the fending and navigating the independent processes of life that we forget to invest in our health at an early adult age when our parents no longer take us for the maintenance or age specific check up.

Once we start working or gaining income we are taught to save, invest, buy, build and put aside for the future. So we invest heavily in putting time into those areas although some percent don’t. Usually our health suffers under the burden of accomplishing these societal strains.

Our vehicle gets tuned up, oil change, tire rotation on a more routine and regular basis than we do for our bodies. It is always easy to put off a slight pain, a nagging ache or some moments of mood swings without investigating any of these warning signs. Doing this at times comes later as a detriment to our bodies.

I encourage you to begin where you are, at whatever age that you are reading this and start to invest in your health. In the end, the long-term benefits of good health is worth more than any financial investments that you would have made.

I encourage you to begin a head to toes assessment. How you think, how you feel, how you sleep, how you eat/drink, how you rest and take recreation and vacation and how you deal with stress. Biology, chemistry, anatomy, physiology, psychology and other such science subjects are taught to us so that we may pass an exam or as a requirement of study for a career but not in the art of caring for oneself.

The knowledge of one’s health will lead to a healthier happier person, family and society. For instance when a child acts out it shows that they cannot handle whatever they perceive to be a threat or crisis. So they may be acting up out of frustration. This same child then grows up to be adult with unmet needs and unresolved issues or the know-how of processing these things. It is much later when someone with that kind of experience will seek therapy and most may not. During those formative, teenage and youthful years it would be a great practice to begin to talk health issue with your pre-teens, teenagers and young adults. This will make a deposit in their future health investment bank.

We say health is wealth but we often don’t put our money where our mouth is. If health is wealth then begin to invest in it because there are somethings that no one can share with you, are give you, and that is good health. In the words of Hope Ashmeade “Somethings you must have for yourself”.

Here at VitaMineral IV Drip and Spa we believe that you are, your first healthcare provider, so we offer free consult during your initial assessment because we are interested in the “Holistic you”.

We offer products that is tailored to many areas of health and illness such as Fatigue, Depression, Insomnia, Brain, Memory function, Inflammation, Detoxification, Low Energy, Vitamin deficiency, Aging, Sexual Health and Decrease Metabolism. Let us help you meet your “Health Investment Mark” by achieving your health goals and staying healthy.

Contact us at (516 233 1020), or send us an email with your health questions at

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