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Water, Metabolism and Weight Loss

At the beginning of the year many people are pumped to lose weight after all the holidays from Thanksgiving through to New Year. All these holidays had an increase in celebration with much food, friends and family. It is noticeable that this is the time when gym membership increases and more home exercise equipment is purchased.

This is the time to consume more water and hydrate the body more if you plan to begin any form of weight loss program, body slimming/contouring or reshaping procedure. Before starting the gym training with plans to burn calories be reminded that just as how you need water to cook, you need water to burn calories.

Water is the main ingredient to help burn energy.

Poor water intake will leave you with poor weight loss results, poor muscle building and less fat reduction. You need energy to burn fat. Yes! You may see some results but the results would be more noticeable and yield a better result if your water intake was increased.

Water is necessary for metabolism to take place. Metabolism is the chemical reaction in the body’s cell that changes food into energy or all the chemical reactions that take place within an organism. This is how complex molecules are broken down to produce energy and by which energy is used to build up complex molecules.

You may hear a person say they have a slow metabolism or that they don’t have a good metabolism, all that can be changed when their water intake is increased.

Water both heats up and speeds up the process for digestion.

Most digestive problems stem from lack of enough water in our system to help process food and medicine. We usually end up with nausea, Reflux disease, heartburn, bloating and possibly even ulcers from caustic food sitting too long in our stomach.

Water is crucial for waste removal.

The body needs water to assist with the digestive, filtering and excretory system. Waste removal from the body through feces and urine is smoother with more water on board. Water is necessary to filter food, medicine and other chemicals through the liver. If you are feeling sluggish, it may be that you are very dehydrated and need water to flush out the impurities.

Have you ever noticed that the next thing that is done after taking blood when you arrive at the ED is the starting of a bag of IV fluid to rehydrate you? IV fluid is the most expensive water that you will ever pay for.

Body Reshaping.

If you plan to do any body sculpting, shaping or contouring one should be mindful that they should be really hydrated and start drinking more than their regular water intake at least one day before their session. These body slimming/shaping cold sculpting and contouring machines emit both high intensity electromagnetic, laser and radio frequency energies to stimulate deep muscle contraction, reduce fat, freeze fat, tighten skin and regenerate muscle. To achieve superior results you need water to help with the energy expenditure.

Your skin will love you and glow when you are properly hydrated.

Remember, your body is one unit made up of several organs so when your body is backed up with impurities it also shows up in your skin, hair and nail. Often when you encounter someone who is easily irritated and fusses a lot, more times than not they are constipated. Lacking water in their gut so they are back up with things that should be expelled out.

There are products that can help those who may not enjoy water, such as IV Vitamin hydration/infusion that contain minerals and Amino acids that offer the body nutrients that give stamina and allow for longer and more fulfilling exercise time and better results.

Drinking more water is loving your body from the inside out and getting more bang for your body reshaping buck and a great way to increase self-care. Get the most out of your work out session, feel good about yourself, lose more fat and enhance your reshaping process. Begin to do more than just quench your thirst, start by replacing 1-2 caloric drinks daily with water and eventually lessen those high caloric drinks to one or none per day.

The following tips can help to increase water intake:

  • Drinking at least one 8-ounce glass of water with each meal.

  • Carrying water in a reusable water bottle.

  • Drinking extra water when exercising or during physical activity.

  • Drinking extra water when it is warm, humid, or very sunny.

  • Keeping a glass of water near the bed

  • Eating more soups and liquid-rich meals, such as curries, stews, and smoothies.

  • Eating fruits and vegetables with high water contents, especially berries, grapes, melons, tomatoes, celery, cucumbers, and lettuce.

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