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What is most important to you?

Quality Of Life

Definition: Quality of life is overall well-being and happiness, including access to school, work opportunities, absence of military conflict or threats, as well as good physical and emotional health. It's relative, subjective and has intangible components, such as spiritual beliefs and a sense of belonging.

In a conversation with a few friends recently we realized that we are not too focused on quality of life (QOL) in its entirety, instead most are focused on areas of QOL. Some focus on good physical and emotional health, some school/education, work opportunities, spiritual belief and a sense of belonging or love. Maybe that is why it is so hard for some to be truly happy.

Tangled up in what is defined as QOL is a lot of areas that most or some will never achieve, so what do we do?

I say we do our best, give it our best shot, aim and fire. In all that strategy some will miss and some will make it. Look at all the different parts and spend time making the best of each area. Seek help for the parts or areas that you are struggling with. It is said “accept the things that you

cannot change” but what if you speak up about it or do something about it and there come about a small change or there is no change; is at that point that you would say I tried and then possible accept the fact that you are not able to make a change but let your new action be “I will try.” Use that mantra to fix areas of health, education, physical, emotional health, your spirituality and sense of belonging.

Go after happiness like it is a goal. Don’t sit idle and accept the day to day dull drum. Have a plan each day to be your best self. Put plans in place to build a village so that you can feel a sense of belonging. The good thing about building a village is that you get to grow a relationship with others. Do remember that in that village no one is perfect and that it will serve as a sample of the different people that are in the world. Learn the group dynamics (know who is who and how each person moves) and be supportive. Be patient as well as be kind. Focus more on giving than receiving. From doing this one action you can benefit spiritually, emotionally and feel a sense of belonging.

For your emotion and physical health be your first healthcare provider. Listen to the symptoms and sign when your body warns you. Don’t push things under the rugs, seek help and advice. Do all your annual age related and routine check-ups. There are a lot of diseases that are curable if treated early and early treatment means early detection and early detection means you have to actively seek out help and intervention early. Do your best to eat right, get adequate rest, decrease stress which means that you will have to put the word “NO” into action. Stop saying yes to everything and everyone. This can be overwhelming and very stressful and plays havoc on your mental and physical health. Know the eight laws of health and practice them. Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sunshine, Temperance, Rest, Air and Trust in God. (N.E.W S.T.A.R.T)

Here at VitaMineral Drip and Med-Spa we wish you optimal health, wellness, happiness and most importantly great Quality Of Life. (QOL) (516)233-1020.

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