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Five Signs You Need Hydration IV Treatment

Did you know around 75% of Americans are found chronically dehydrated? Dehydration can be a serious problem that can further lead to many health issues. Dehydration needs immediate medical intervention. Unfortunately, many people have no idea whether they have a dehydration problem or not. No issue as we have arrived with some very common signs that will alert you that you need IV Hydration even in the winter months in New York.

Bad Breath

Many of us may not believe, but it is the truth. Basically, the water helps to produce saliva that helps to fight against bacteria. But when you are dehydrated, the amount of saliva in your mouth decreases. That also means you will struggle to fight against germs and bacteria, which further lead to bad breath. If you notice that your breath is not smelling good, you should drink water. If it happens very frequently, consult with your doctor. Maybe you need dehydration IV treatment.

Food Craving

Our liver requires enough water to function properly. When it does not get enough water, it sends a signal to our brain that we need fuel. At times, our brains get confused and give us cravings for food instead of water. This can lead to more dehydration problems as many people then eat high sugar content food, sweet drinks or sodas which will make the dehydration worse. Therefore, it is always recommended to drink water before eating the food.

No Sweat

When your body is hot and does not sweat, in the worst case you may experience a stroke or TIA (Transient Ischemic Attack). This usually happens when your body has a very low reserve of fluid, and your body tries to hold on to the fluid left in the body. In such cases, you must approach your medical professional for IV dehydration. Especially during the summer month we are always encouraged to drink plenty of water. We are also warned about heat stroke and where to find a cooling center. Athletes and those who do work out should be mindful that their intake of fluids must be twice the amount than the regular recommended daily dose. The Athletic and Performance brand of IV hydration that we offer can easily fix this problem.


If you feel confused and dizzy, it is a clear sign that your blood pressure is dropping, and you immediately need to hydrate your body. Plus, if you are feeling confused and you have not drunk water for the last few hours, you should drink water.


Water is essential for our body. Many people have a bad habit of not drinking enough water. As a result, they begin to feel extreme weakness in their body. This weakness can be a sign of dehydration. A great number of the daily Emergency Room visits are for dehydration. This shows up in symptoms such as dizziness, fainting, temporary loss of consciousness, fall or even elevated blood sugar. In that case, you should consult your medical professional.

Why VitaMineral IV Therapy Drip Center?

Giving Dehydration IV Treatment is the best possible way to replace fluids in the body immediately. However, you need to remember that not everyone with the symptoms mentioned above needs IV dehydration. Always consult with a medical provider who is qualified to make the right suggestion and recommendation depending upon your individual need and medical condition.

For free consultation please contact us at or call us at 516-233 1020

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