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4 Ways for better mental well-being and a healthier you in 2023.

It is a time of new beginning, and a brand new book has opened with 365 pages to fill in. What is your greatest wish this year and what are your goals, aspirations and plans? Whatever those are, do plan for your health and happiness first and what it is going to take to get you and keep you there.

When we speak of health it’s mostly on the illness spectrum. It is rarely viewed as preventative health and wellness. Your source of strength, wellbeing and happiness comes from achieving good health, a sound mind, spirit and body. Make yourself available with a conscious effort to achieve those this year. Make this your best year yet starting now with more than just good intention but also with a purposeful mind and actions to follow through. “Love you, some you for yourself”. Find the song “Perfectly Loved” and listen to it, dance, and dance and dance to raise your self-esteem.

Lay down guilt and shame this year because this world has space for all of us, flaws and all. Try some of the following things!

  • Build self-confidence.

  • Take a dance class

  • Start walking more

  • Lessen Anxiety and Stress

  • Be Authentic in any environment

  • Start Therapy or alternative to therapy

  • Do stronger relationship bonding

  • Rediscover you and your happiness

  • Write a book

  • Choose better friends

  • Start a project that you have been thinking us

4 ways for a better and healthier you in 2023.

Make Time for Relationships

Reach out to the people you love that mean the most to you. It is especially important to stay connected especially during stressful times when you may feel the urge to step back and avoid socializing. A social support system can help you cope with life problems by improving your self-esteem. Make time for a weekly video-chat date with a friend or family member. Attend a small gathering, host a few like-minded friends or give a family member a weekly call.

Silence Negative Self-Talk

Stay positive when looking at stressful/negative situations.

Replace negative thoughts with positive, when things went differently than planned. Say to yourself “I got this.” “I ok “. Seek out a therapist that is right for you, one who can help you cope during difficult times, and teach you helpful tools and techniques for building a tool box that will help you with combating negative thoughts.

Music Therapy

No matter if you have a pleasant singing voice or you cannot carry a tune sing out and sing out loud. There are so many genres to choose from so find your style of music and sing, sing, and sing. It was shown in some studies that singing and listening to music lower levels of cortisol, the “stress hormone,” that bad hormone dumps all the fat in your gut. Singing and dancing make you less anxious and decrease feelings of stress. You may also want to try and learn a new instrument

Walk it off

Nature is a powerful space that will calm any troubled mind so don’t underestimate the power of a stroll through nature. Research shows that a 90-minute walk outdoors can reduce activity in the brain linked to repetitive negative thoughts. A great way to sneak some physical activity into your day is to walk to the Post Office, Bank or nearby shopping area. This is also a good time to check out what is new in the neighborhood and catch a glimpse of some of the many and varied holiday lights and decorations that are still up on display.

All these activities will boost your immune system. Place more effort on these to avoid unhealthy habits that will prevent key parts of your immune defense from working efficiently. Especially in these challenging times, our body deserves all the help it can get to stay alert to harmful diseases and always ready to fight them with all it has.

At times in 2023 it will seem that the world around you is collapsing, this is the time to use all your energy, tools and interventions in staying positive. Stick to healthy and nutritious meals and possibly take some simple cooking classes. Plan everyday activities and get off the couch often. These simple solutions can get you the furthest in achieving good health and happiness.

“Happy & Healthy 2023 and New Year from VitaMineral”

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