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Top Mistakes To Avoid To Recover Safely Post Plastic-Surgery

Thinking of going back to work after having a surgery few days back? You may be creating more trouble for yourself. It is understandable that work is important, but not right after surgery. On that meanwhile, health should be a top priority. People make many mistakes post-surgery, which should be avoided and focus on post-surgery care.

Following are the top mistakes to avoid post-surgery:

  • Doing too much and too early- Even if you feel better too quickly after the surgery, you should not get back to your normal life too early. You should follow your doctor’s instructions; maybe you get a green light for some activity and red light for the activity that needs more physical effort. For instance, your doctor may allow you to walk every morning but not lift anything for the next 10 days.

  • Stay in bed- Lying in bed for too long can lead to many serious health concerns like pressure ulcers, pulmonary embolisms, blood clots, weakening of muscles, etc. A little physical activity helps you recover faster and get back to your normal life. But when you keep on lying in bed too much, you are causing more trouble for yourself.

  • Not getting enough food or drink- Yes, we can understand sometimes we don’t feel like eating anything post-surgery. But we need to refuel ourselves. Food gives you energy and helps us to recover faster post-surgery, while fluids keep us hydrated. However, when we don’t get enough food and fluids, our recovery can stall.

  • Skip rehab- Many people believe that they are tough enough to recover post-surgery. But experts say that it is important to work with a therapist. Having one or two sessions after a small surgery is enough. But when it is a major operation, you should join a therapy center for a few weeks. It will help you recover faster and safely. You can take this seriously and make an appointment with your reputed therapist being operated near to you.

  • Going back to work on- It has been seen that many people start working from the hospital bed with their laptops. This should not be happened, especially when the doctor has asked not to use any gadgets for office work. You should give proper rest to your body and mind. Then only you will be able to recover properly post-surgery.

Why VitaMineral IV Therapy?

VitaMineral IV Therapy is a comprehensive center where you can become properly educated for safe and effective healing. We use Lymphatic Drainage treatment approach for post plastic surgery procedures. We have a team of highly trained providers with the Vodder Technique who will give you the right therapy that helps to decrease pain, swelling, bruises and remove dead cell from surgery. The right technique will prevent tissue fibrosis and permanent scarring. In the treatment package we will discuss what to expect after surgery, diet and life style changes. We also offer many more services, including non-surgical toning and tightening of different areas. Let us know how exactly we can help in your well-being and to achieve your goal post-surgery.

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