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Better Health, Better You

Energize, Get Up and Go!

Enhance Your Overall Health

We offer the right blend of vitamins & minerals that will revive, refuel and reboot your system from the cellular level. 

We have the right mix for your fix!

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IV blend of vitamins & minerals from VitaMineral

Trained Medical Staff

Safe & Effective Treatment

Free Consultation

Why Choose VitaMineral?

Give Your Body A “Makeover” 

VitaMineral  offers “new generation” technology that enables patients to contour their body

by reducing stubborn areas of fat without surgery or high risk of complications. 

Achieve Your Body Goals With Non-Surgical Body Contouring

Non-Surgical Body Contouring

We are committed to offering you a service that will renew, refresh and revive your wellbeing.

Select Your VitaMineral IV Drip

Select the best-suited IV drip to meet your specific needs or have our highly trained medical staff find the right one for you. 

Schedule Your Appointment

Call us to book your next appointment.

Free Consultation

All treatments come with a free telephone or in-person consultation prior to your appointment.

Enjoy VitaMineral

Begin feeling a nutritional kick at the cellular level. 

*Our treatment sessions are approximately 45 minutes.

What our
Clients Say About Us

Joachin E

Being a skeptic, my wife literally had to drag me down to this wellness spa. And boy, am I glad I listened to her and went for a series body-sculpting treatments. I felt amazing right after the first session. This place is absolutely incredible. I was blown away by the service and professionalism of Dr Williams and her ample knowledge and counsel. Her office is meticulously clean, soothing and welcoming. The service received exceeded my expectations. My wife signed we up for multiple visits and each one was a revelation and I walked out stronger and completely rejuvenated. I highly recommend VitaMineral IV Therapy. I have become a loyal client and look forward to my next visit.

The author assumes no responsibility or liability for any error or omission on this site.
Results are based upon the individual adherence to instructions, lifestyle habits such as sleep,
hydration, consumption of alcohol, recreational drugs and diet. 

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