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Holiday Stressors and You: Stress Management Tips for Family Get-Togethers

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

The month of November brings about a nostalgic feeling for a season of many holidays in a row. Here begins a cluster of family and friend time but it also brings about extra stressors and even depression for those with mental illness, those who are alone or financially challenged to keep up with holidays demands. There is Veteran’s Day weekend, Thanksgiving Day Weekend, Black Friday crazy shopping, Cyber Monday more shopping, Christmas Shopping, Kwanzaa, Jewish Festival of Lights, Hanukkah, Christmas Day and New Year’s Celebration. Many of these are all good festive days with seemingly the best time of the year. However, do consider that Holiday Stress may require interventions to help one manage/cope. Times of family togetherness can bring triggers from old emotional wounds or create new issues, so be on the lookout. Even with the best of relationships between friends and family, past grievances and old hurt may pop up.

Holiday Stress Management and Coping Tips for Family Get-Togethers

You can relax and enjoy your family this holiday season and leave the anxiety and dread behind? If that sounds like a worthy goal that you would like to try, then consider these few simple tips.

Establish Boundaries for Yourself.

  • One boundary to consider might include staying at a hotel or a separate location instead of at your family member’s home if you are visiting so that you can have some down time and more control of your movements.

Make a plan for yourself

  • Make a plan for yourself that will help you gain more control over emotional situations. Prepare yourself for the holiday season by making a personal care and response plan and follow through with it. Writing down ideas for such a plan will help you act on them more predictably and improve your holiday stress management prowess.

Decide the length of time you will interact

  • Decide the length of time you will interact with difficult family members/friends, knowing that the longer you engage with a difficult relative or family friend, the more likely it is that toxic elements of that relationship will appear.

Remember the holidays are about peace, fellowship, family time and that happiness in great measure by what you perceive in yourself in response to what you see and hear. Take control of these nearly subconscious processes. Don't let them control you.

Do not overspend

Avoid the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, do not overspend just to keep up with gift giving. Most people would just be satisfied with the cheers and happiness that the season brings and time spent with them. Over spending can be emotionally taxing as well as financially. This may put strain on you to work excessively just to be able to buy gifts for someone who may not even care much about your choice of gift.

Emotional and Physical Rest

Plan periods of rest and relaxation so that you may mentally and physically take breaks. This may include brief naps during the day. Stay hydrated and stay sane and fine multiple times in the day to just smile. This would be a good time to get away on a cruise or visit someone who makes you feel at home in their company. Put some effort into ensuring that your mental health is catered to so that you may be less stressed this season.

Offering Support

The holidays can be tough for singles and the elderly so if you know someone who is in need of some support this would be a good time to offer that to them in whatever way you can. Some people just need your time and acknowledgement. Doing this also helps you emotionally to feel like a better person. Giving comes with its own happiness that will make you realize how blessed you are even in your situation.

Before the stress of the holidays sneaks up on you learn how to enjoy your most stress-free holiday season. This is a high time for scammers and sales gimmicks that are not worth it so be on the lookout. Be mindful of your health first, your safety, finance, family and most of all you.

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