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Benefits of Boosting Your Immune System

As we look toward the end of the summers and the beginning of the fall and Flu season we should be mindful and stock up our immune system. When the immune system is robust a person can harbour many types of microbes for a long time without knowing and without showing any illness or risk toward the immune system. Symptoms of Fatigue, Brain Fog, Joint Pain, Fibromyalgia, Insomnia/Poor sleep and varying degree of illnesses can be signs of a weakened immune system.

Food is not only the body’s fuel but it’s the best medicine. Experts in health recognize the value and necessity of nutrition, based upon natural products. Society has become more conscious and responsible of its health and is aware that good nutritional habits lead to a healthier immune system and the foundation of a longer and healthier life.

The vitamins, minerals and other micronutrients found in fruits, vegetables and produce have curative properties that prevent a great deal of illnesses and help to alleviate certain conditions. Therefore, stock up on your fresh fruits and vegetables that are now still in season and readily available at a lower cost than in the winter months.

10 Benefits of Fruits

1. Detoxification: Fruits are high in water and fibre which facilitates the removal of waste and impurities from the blood, such as uric acid.

2. Increase Energy: The glucose and fructose in fruits are natural sugars that are easily used up by the body. Natural unprocessed sugar

3. They are rich in all kind of vitamins and minerals

4. They act as natural medicine by offering preventative and curative properties.

5. They act as natural laxative and regulate daily intestinal activities by softening the mucus lining of the digestive tract and allowing for smooth excretion of waste.

6. Excellent antioxidants: Helps your body balance free radicals and stay healthy at the cellular level to prevent inflammation and other cell damage that can cause premature aging and many diseases.

7. Protection against cardiovascular disease stems from hardening of the arteries.

8. Prevent Cancer and other illnesses especially in the digestive, urinary organs and respiratory system

9. Easy to prepare, cheaper in the summer and saves you time and energy. Most fruits are usually grabbed on the go.

10. Preventing an increase in BMI (Body Mass Index) or Obesity. With fruits you consume fewer calories since they are mostly made up of water.

We offer dietary supplements in the form of IV and injections for those who may not consume adequate amounts or those who have illnesses that affect their metabolism, immune system and overall health. You should always talk to your healthcare provider before starting any new dietary supplements. That is why here at VitaMineral IV Drip and MedSpa we offer free consultation and answer all your questions prior to you receiving any of our products/treatments.

Book your free consultation today at or call (516) 233-1020.

We all deserve better health and quality of life that will enhance our physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

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