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Post Surgery Massage NYC

Purpose of Post-Surgery Lymphatic Massage

Are you feeling uncomfortable because of surgical scars post-surgery? Do not get worried, we are here with an innovative solution in form of Post-Surgical Massage. It helps to reduce scars, swelling, stimulate the healing process, and increase the relaxation in your body. It also helps to reduce muscle tension and improve circulation, which fills the individual with ultimate energy.

 Many cosmetic massage turns out to be the reason of stress after surgery as the patients need to get acquainted with the changes happening in them. Most are worried about the outcome especially after that big financial investment. The need of validation from others leads to overthinking and depression in many patients. A manual Lymphatic drainage massage therapist helps in decreasing the level of physical and mental pain in patients’ which they go through just after the surgery.

Our body becomes more sensitive toward external responses after any surgery; only a professional and trained therapist knows the actual way and point of massage to faster healing. VitaMineral IV Drip & Spa Center owner and staff are trained in the Vodder Lymphatic Drainage Technique and is one of the best therapy centres New York. Care at VitaMineral Spa comes with many years of experience in dealing with the body, both physically and psychologically. Our care model takes a Holistic approach under the guidance of Dr. Mordeána Williams

What do you understand by Lymphatic massage?

The lymphatic system maintains fluid levels in our body and helps in blood circulation. It carries lymph along with proteins, fats, and wastes. The problems in the lymphatic system disturb the whole body's circulation and other functions. The lymphatic massage relieves the swelling, decreases bruising, pain, discoloration and debris that blocks up the lymphatic system. This clear the passage for good blood circulation and better overall health. This type of massage is not a deep or robust, kneading; instead it’s a lighter subcutaneous gently manipulates that push fluids to areas of functioning Lymph Nodes located in specific areas of the body to help lymph move to an area with clean and properly working lymph vessels.


Benefits behind this

After any cosmetic surgery, swelling happens due to a normal inflammatory response and is a part of healing. The fluids from another part of the body rush to the affected area to nourish and oxygenate the affected area, this causes the additional swelling. Lymphatic massage simply moves the body fluid rushing and flushes out the excess waste from the body.

Some more reasons to opt for this massage are -

  • It relaxes the body and relieves the stress level

  • Reduces scar by preventing fibrosis

  • Removes excess and harmful metabolic waste

  • Stops fluid retention

  • Improves skin texture

  • Boost up the self-confidence level

  • Stimulates the body recovering procedure

Schedule an appointment for Post-Surgery Massage in NYC

At VitaMineral IV Therapy Drip & Spa, we are dedicated in providing you with the best and most innovative way of Post-Surgery Care to help you while you are recovering from your various surgical wounds. For those that have smaller area that does not warrant surgery we have modalities to get you to your desired goals. Our therapists here, emotionally get connected to the patients as they heal both physically and mentally. Check out the services we provide and book an appointment. We try our best to answer all questions, comments and concerns during the free consult session. Feel free to contact us.

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